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It Just Doesn't Pay to Look at your Inbox

January 13, 2009 | Category: In My Life

I woke up to an interesting mailbox.

The Case of the Novice Newspaper

First of all, my daily drop from my local newspaper informed me that the blizzard warning had been dropped. OK. That's gotta be good news - right?

Except: Horrible weather still predicted. Plus they spelled it 'Bizzard' - right there in the headline. Which made me briefly wonder if, as a cost-saving measure, they fired all the real reporters and hired eager high school kids instead. Then I slapped my head and realized - high school kids would actually know how to use the spell-checker.


I looked outside. The sun is blindingly bright over an inch of fresh snow. You're batting 0 for 2, Lee. (*Updated: They fixed it.)

Whatever Will He Think?

Second of all, I got some interesting spam in my general email inbox (important mail, like yours, gets organized into folders and makes the icons on my screen bounce).

There was an email exhorting me to join my voice to others demanding the incoming President, Barack Obama, respect conservative stances on: gay marriage statutes, abortion, and prayer in schools.

(skip emails from CafePress, Old Navy, Glass Door, and some pet dude named Krueger.)

Then an email pressuring me to send an email to President-elect Obama on the continued situation in Darfur.

(skip emails from Kohls, Food Network, and the local naturopath.)

Finally, an email asking me to sign a petition letting the new president know that I back his liberal stances and that I'm holding him to them - especially in regards to Iraq, education, and the environment.

Once I'm done with all this emailing, I'm a little worried about what Mr. Obama's going to think of me. He'll be sifting through his inbox (like he does, right?) and saying to himself "There's that Elizabeth's name again - I wonder what game she's playing. First pro-life and then pro-choice? Is she a floating waffle of some sort?"

Maybe he'll give me a call, ask me about it.

Maybe he won't.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a moderate. A conciliator. A person of firm convictions that often fall into the mainstream. You think it's gonna be all boring and 'kumbyah' but, in reality, the extremist populations often think you're just bait for the snapping up.

(A problem the President-elect might know a thing or two about?)


Finally - while trying to figure out which social-media outlets to link to and, uh, how... I've rediscovered the time-suck that is Technorati. I spent over an hour last night clicking this or that.

And then I discovered that this blog - here - had 4 fans. No, that's GLEE I'm squealing with. I just spent over a year relatively unable to write (or navigate my way home from the corner store) - so the fact that even 1 person thought I was worth saying "hi" to just made me grin and giggle.

Then, of course, I had to figure out how to fangurl up all my favorite blogs. I didn't succeed - mostly because I lost my sign-in and password. But there, in a folder that has lain fallow in my iMail (or whatever they call it) - was the reminder this morning.

Another reason to spend too many hours at my keyboard. Like I needed one.

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