In the beginning...

I'm a writer. I specialize in technology: process, projects, support, promotion, gadgetry and innovation.

In 2004, I started this blog as an outlet for the joys & frustrations of being a working mother. If I were another kind of artist, perhaps this would be a stained glass window or a quilt.

The Accidental Executive

After 10 years in the industry, my technical writing work eventually led to a job supervising a documentations team for a global IT corporation. Through various opportunities through the years, I was ultimately planning and executing implementation programs to the mid 8-figures.

I worked with some of the best engineers and project managers in the business. Nicknamed the Tan Pants Brigade (I should patent that), these folks made the 60-hour weeks bearable by being consistent, competent, and unflappable. They also made me laugh my ass off - especially when it was 3 in the morning and the power had gone out in all of New England and there was no damn cell reception on Martha's Vineyard and I had to explain to the beleaguered client that the only right-sized backup generator was in Cleveland and a rabid raccoon has nested in it so the guy couldn't get it loaded in the truck.

It was a good career. Hell, it was a great career. Leaving it was a tough call.

It's all about the bouillabaisse.

Now I'm back to being a writer. Dedicated to my freelance career while also leaving room for other kinds of work - like homeschooling my son.

I'm a passionately moderate in most things. I believe in active citizenry, laughter, kindness, and God. I'm married to an Icelander, my son is a miracle, our dog's a goof. I was born in Boston and go back there every year to stand in the ocean and eat a clamroll. Back in Chicagoland, we live in an ancient Prairie bungalow that is falling down around our ears.

I make a great soup, though. Soup is important.

You can reach me at corporate.mommy (at) gmail (dot) com. I also write at: Chicago Moms Blog.

Being Corporate Mommy.

Corporate Mommy posts have been picked up for syndication in the Miami Herald, Sacremento Bee, Modesto Bee, and the Olympia (WA) Olympian.

Need a writer? Clip Sheets are available for: professional blogging, technical writing, and selected Corporate Mommy entries. I've also accepted some site advertising through the BlogHer community.

Since it started, this blog has been mentioned in Parenting Magazine, discussed in the Chicago Tribune, and been up for some awards. A post dear to my heart is: Wild Winds. It documents a big turning point in my life; Suburban Turmoil gave it a Perfect Post Award.

No, you're my favorite.

One of the best things about blogging is the feedback. The Corporate Mommy readers rock.

Here are some of my favorite comments over the years:
Good Lord, the woman is brilliant. I don't say this lightly- if Elizabeth wrote a book, I would totally buy it and probably dogear every page.
- Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil

That knocked my breath out it was so lovely.
- Helen of Everyday Stranger

Elizabeth is one hell of an excellent writer on just about any subject she takes a keyboard to.
- Jim of Snooze Button Dreams

I met Jim once - Remember Jim? - and Elizabeth of corporatemommy.mu.nu fame. We aren't ugly.
- Clancy of Clancy's View

...her voice - smart, sharp like a filed paperclip, and funny. maybe, because i've worked in that world and worked for women like her, i understand how she's juggling her life, travel schedule, presentations and fighting with HR...hers is a blunt-eyed view of a world she knows well.
- ding of Screed

You have put my feelings into words, and you have done it well. What an excellent piece of writing! I'm torn between crying due to the topic, and wanting to show this post to my English class as an example of what I expect from them!
- Tammy

Dude. You made me cry. I'm weeping at my desk like a crazy woman and all I can do when the kids look concerned is gesture at the screen and sniffle.
- Michele ofCoffee Soup

Good writing. Really.
- JustLinda of Nothing To See Here