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Don't Look!

December 01, 2008 | Category: In My Life

If you hadn't noticed, I'm STILL re-coding the site.

First of all, it needed an overhaul. The CSS was so full of abandoned style choices that every time I tried to update something, I would trip over it all and it would become a mess. Just total freaking chaos.

Second of all, it needed to be organized. My archives are a mess. My categories less than helpful. And nothing was easy to navigate.

Third of all, I want rounded corners. I can't explain it, I just do. And that has meant figuring out CSS and Movable Type once and for all. Which? Ain't easy. Especially for a woman who sometimes wears her bras inside out.

And finally?

Well, we're getting to that.

Just, please, I beg you. Don't give up on me yet.

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Seeking Career Moms for Prime Time!


My name is Gaby, Casting Producer for Wife Swap (airing on ABC). I am currently hoping to cast a Mom who is passionate about her career and her family. Ideally, this Mom is also encouraging her children to prepare for their futures. We would like to showcase the modern, working woman.

Wife Swap is a hit family program airing on Disney-owned ABC. The show focuses on different family dynamics and parenting philosophies across the country. Our show allows two different moms the opportunity to swap lives for a week to experience a different family dynamic. While the title of the show might be misleading, please be assured that this is a family show that airs during the family hour at 8pm, EST.

This is a unique opportunity that can be life changing experience for everyone involved. We hope this is an experience where families share their lifestyle and experience a different family's way of doing things.

All families featured on the show receive a financial honorarium. If you refer a family that we feature on the show, you receive $1,000.

Potential families can live anywhere in the United States, but we ask that families applying for the show consist of two parents and have at least one child, age 7 -17 living at home.

To submit for the show, send a family description and family photo to gaby.wifeswap@gmail.com!

Gaby Wilson
Casting Producer
Wife Swap

Posted by: Gaby on December 5, 2008 11:59 AM