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October 15, 2007 | Category: In My Life

The theme of this week seems to be abandoning.

And it's SO pissing me off.

I am so very tired of people who give up, who walk away, who posture in another room rather than fight it out.

Because you know what comes next?


They become ghosts.

Am I the only one who has them?

People who were gonna call me and get together, or have lunch and chat about whatever it was, but then it's years later and you wonder where they are, and what happened in their lives and if they are OK?

Is it so easy to just.... walk away?

And then, where do they go?

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You could always reach out to them and see if it is time again to cultivate that friendship.

I am sad for the friends who at one time were so close to me and are now gone. The whole legion of work-friends are long gone, our work was the only tie, I guess, it is sad because they were so important to me back then. I have a former bunch of friends who I was so close to while active in La Leche League and now that I'm out, they are out and gone. Other friends I was close to while active in that other Cub Scout Pack and now that I've left that Pack they are gone from my life too. I hate that transient-ness.

Friendships take time and energy to maintain. I find so many moms choose to not spend time at it and instead do other things. And that has nothing to do with having had a disagreement and being mad at a person.

The thing that bugs me more though with current friendships is the second-besting. Like the person who wants to 'do it all' but does everything half-way. Like not wanting to say no to a less important committment and then coming to only half of my child's birthday party (our children were best friends with each other at the time) because "they had to do both things". Or those who are perpetually late to meet me or to do something at my home, like my time is not important and their being too busy is a good reason to keep ME waiting.

So at times I pull away from my friends too, especially when I feel like I'm the doormat and I'm sick of getting walked on.

I also abandon the users without guilt.

Posted by: ChristineMM on October 22, 2007 06:00 AM

Um, I'm one of the ghosts. I'm not good about keeping in touch with people.

Posted by: sue on October 15, 2007 02:38 PM