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I Did It

March 18, 2007 | Category: In My Life



For a year and a half, I've wanted to dye my hair hot pink... my hairdresser, Vanessa (whom I adore), didn't carry the vibrant shade I was thinking off but said if I would buy it at a local supply place, she'd put it in for me.

My courage never managed to hold long enough for the mission.

Then, yesterday morning, in the family troops for our haircuts (yes, we use the same stylist) and guess what Vanessa had?!?!

I said 'be gentle' and we decided to just do some highlights.

I'll admit.... I like it. Can't believe I was so nervous!! The guys think it is wicked cool. In fact, Bear is the one who took these pictures.

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Great color, Elizabeth! Every few months, I get an urge to add some streaks of purple to my salt and pepper (increasingly heavy on the salt!) hair. I like the idea of highlights layered into the back of your hair; did you get any in front?

Posted by: Kimberly on March 25, 2007 12:17 PM

Totally awesome. I love it. And am even slightly jealous, but not that brave!

Posted by: Cheryl on March 21, 2007 01:20 PM

It is too cool! I'm jealous...I have no balls to do that!

Posted by: FENICLE on March 20, 2007 06:39 PM

Very interesting. I have to admit, I don't see the lure in it. I don't quite understand it -- but I am happy with what makes you happy :)

Posted by: Eyes on March 20, 2007 10:26 AM

Very cool!

I get an itch to do something drastic with my hair once in a while ... but then it doesn't take or I chicken out.

Yours is subtle but still rockin'! Sweet!

Posted by: Michele on March 19, 2007 10:18 PM

That is so pretty! I'm wondering what my menfolk would think if I had that done.

Posted by: rootietoot on March 19, 2007 08:40 AM

It looks great! I've been wanting to dye my hair burgundy, but I'm interviewing right now....

Posted by: serena on March 19, 2007 06:40 AM

Hehe! COOL! I would never have the nerve...but I also don't have the nice blond hair to play with, either!

Posted by: Jenn on March 18, 2007 09:36 PM

We think it's wicked cool here too.

Posted by: cathy on March 18, 2007 08:20 PM