January 10, 2005

Fins to the Right, Fins to the Left

I'm in a shark tank at work. There are several factions wanting control of the program I am running.

So. There are guys who hijack my meetings, run parallel sub-projects, forget to copy me on reports, announce things in the middle of my status meetings that leave me breathless.

I am under seige.

I am playing triple-A ball now, this isn't Cape Cod league.

And if I ever want to make The Show, I need to put even more into this. I need to pull on my plastic fin and my grey swimsuit and pretend I belong. Swim harder, smarter, longer.


I'm not sure I want to.

Posted by Elizabeth at 02:25 PM | Comments (5)

I'm new to your blog, but, in scrolling down, I've already seen several of these posts.

Well, maybe you DO care -- because if you didn't, you wouldn't be saying you didn't.

Still...been there, done that. Especially once you have kids. Especially once you get a little older (not sure of your age. I'm 41.)

Remember how everyone is always telling you that girls mature faster than boys? That 5 year old boys are NO WHERE near as mature as girls, and they don't catch up until late teens?

Cluebat: They never catch up.

At 41 (very nearly 42), I've come to realize that all that corporate/office politics is a bunch of crap that alot of guys revel in.

How much energy are you devoting to stuff that doesn't move anything forward? 20 percent? 40 percent? 60 percent? Is it too much for you? Is that the environment you want to be in? What could you do otherwise with that energy?

From the little I've read of your blog, you seem to have a lot of creative ability. Maybe you should think about how much of that you're sinking into office politics.

Believe me, I've been there. Unless you're willing to buy into the idea that this is the best use of your time and energy, you are going to regret it very soon. (Well, unless you win, and then it will be honky-dory -- until the next political fight, anyway.)

Posted by cj.

I know how that feels. It can really wear you down after the 10th or 100th time.

Posted by Eyes for Lies.

Oh my gawsh. I am living the EXACT same thing. I too am struggling and fighting and hating it. And I too am thinking: Why am I bothering? I HATE swimming in this tank.

I will send you shark repellant. It'll help.

Posted by Helen.

I know how you feel. I find myself in this very situation on a regular basis. I wonder sometimes if its because I'm a woman??? hmmm, nah couldn't be.

Posted by Suz.

Sure you do, if only so you can kick their slimy little butts and then exit on your terms. You go, girl. I know you can do it.

Posted by RP.