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Autumn Morning Idyll

October 28, 2004 | Category:

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Bear and I rolled out of bed early this morning to give CD a ride over to the El train. The sun was barely up. As we were heading home the "Dunkin Donuts way" (the path amazingly takes you right into the drive-thru lane) - we passed the park. The morning mist was still clinging to the lawn. I had to stop and roll down the windows and breath it in.

Picture by Elizabeth: Early Autumn Morning & Park Bench, 10/2004

For long minutes, we sat in the quiet car looking out the window. The sun turned brighter and the fog burned away before our eyes. "Look," I said to my sleepy Bear. "Isn't that lovely? Let's take some pictures."

Picture by Elizabeth: Early Morning Field in Autumn, 10/2004

"Me, too?" he asked.

"Sure," I agreed. And I passed back the camera.

Picture by Bear: The Exersizing Man, 10/2004

"That man is excersizing!" Bear told me as he passed the camera back to me.

"Look at the sunbeams," I pointed. "Autumn is my favorite season."

"What's Autumn?" Bear asked me.

"The time of year when the leaves turn pretty colors and fall to the ground and we rake. It starts with your birthday and ends with St Nicholas Day. And in between we have Thanksgiving and..."

"Halloween!" Bear announced.

Picture by Elizabeth: Mist and Autumn Morning Sun, 10/2004

"Autumn is my favorite, too," Bear told me.

We watched the sun rise up a little longer. It was brighter and the leaves so lovely in saturated color. I began to hum, a song from my childhood.

"What's that?" Bear asked me.

"An old song, your grandpa likes. Let me see if I can remember it....
The falling leaves
Drift by the window
The autumn leaves
Of red and gold

Picture by Elizabeth: Autumn Leaves at the Park, 10/2004


"Yes, Bear."

"I've got to go potty."

Idyll crashed to a stop; we buckled up and dashed home.

A few hours later, he came into my office and patted my arm.

"Mommy? I am going to the park now. Are you going to come with us?"

"I have to work," I lamented.

"That's OK, I will bring you some leaves. Does that sound like a good idea?"

And for an answer, I just hugged him tight.

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Me too. It was 86 degrees here today. Oy vey.

Posted by: kalisah on October 28, 2004 08:13 PM

I want pretty colored leaves and Idyll time that is brought abruptly to a stop by such sweetness.

Posted by: Jazzy on October 28, 2004 04:33 PM